What is Marital Mediation?

Sometimes I hear, “we can’t get past this issue, we don’t want to divorce and counselling didn’t help us”. Just because marriage counselling didn’t work doesn’t mean your marriage is over. Marriage is challenging and it takes difficult conversations and difficult decisions to keep it the way you want it. As a Marital Mediator I help couples who want to stay married resolve issues that are causing stress and disharmony in their marriage. Marital mediation is different than traditional counseling because unlike therapy, mediation does NOT explore deep personal issues, discuss family backgrounds or provide treatment. Many people do not know about this option.

Marital mediation allows both parties to talk about what is bothering them and how they can both work together to resolve the issue. This is done in a structured process that encourages respect, honest communication and the will to make things better. The goal is to help couples stay married instead of helping couples divorce.

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