Business Mediation


Disputes within a partnership or corporation disrupts the flow of business and if not dealt with in a discreet and efficient manner, may have short-and long-term effects on the profits, not to mention the business reputation.

Business disputes do not all need to be settled in the courtroom. Mediation is an opportunity to resolve business disputes without the lengthy, acrimonious and costly litigation route.

In mediation, each party meets with the mediator first to discuss the issues. These are private and confidential meetings, called pre-mediation sessions. Once the pre-mediations have been completed, both parties, along with the mediator meet together.

  • Mediation will set the stage for creative solutions to fit the circumstances
  • Mediation is ideal for those who are open minded and cooperative
  • Mediation is a win-win situation
  • Mediation will identify and isolate the exact complaint or problem in order to address the specific issues, to help you arrive at possible solutions
  • All decisions made are confidential and not made available to read on the internet.
  • The final settlement or agreement is a joint decision between the parties.

Legal wrangling does not need to continue for years. Ask us how mediation may work for you.


Each individual directly involved in the conflict meets with the mediator, separately and privately, to tell their side of the story. The mediator listens to each participant’s perspective and narrative. After the pre-mediation meetings have all taken place, the participants are brought together in a joint meeting, the mediation, to figure out how things can be settled or in the very least, managed. All this is accomplished by the mediator facilitating discussions to explore the issues, encourage open and honest dialogue and helping participants create options for a resolution that works for all involved. Any and all agreements or end results are those of the participants.

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