I am pleased to offer information, resources and community referrals to families choosing to learn more about the various services available, particularly before making important decisions about the future.

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Family Law Services

Access Pro Bono Legal Clinics

Free legal clinics are available throughout BC. Clients who meet the income qualification can attend a family law session in their region.

Amici Curiae

In Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey, “Friends of Court” provides free access to paralegals who help British Columbians complete family law court forms.

Ask JES Legal Help

This free service provides information and referrals on a range of legal issues, including separation and divorce. Call or chat live weekdays from 11am to 3pm. During offline hours, leave your email address or a phone number to receive a response. Most questions are answered within 1 business day.

Family Justice Centres

Family Justice Centres operate across BC. Each centre is staffed by accredited Family Justice Counsellors, specially trained to help families with parenting arrangements, contact with a child, guardianship, and support issues.

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

BC Family Justice Services Division provides this service to separated parents to send and receive support payments, as well as take action if payments are in arrears.

Family Mediators

Mediation is a flexible and informal process that many find considerably less stressful and more affordable than pursuing court-related channels for their separation and divorce. A mediator assists you and your spouse to ensure you have productive conversations and make the decisions you need to move forward.

Lawyer Referral Service

This service, offered by Access Pro Bono, helps connect members of the public with a lawyer who will provide a free consultation for up to 30 minutes. Learn more online or call during office hours on weekdays: 1-800-663-1919.

Transition Houses

Transition houses provide emergency, temporary housing for women and children leaving abusive situations. BC Housing provides a list of transition houses across BC.

Unbundled Legal Services

Some family law lawyers provide a menu of services that you can select from a-la-carte. These are called unbundled legal services or limited scope retainer services. These lawyers do some of the work for you, but you are still responsible for your case and how your separation or divorce moves forward.

Family Law Online Services

BC Family Law Website

This is a comprehensive BC family law websites that includes a range of guides, publications, and resources, including a tool to help you create a draft separation agreement.

BC Provincial Court

This court website provides a range of information about cases to be heard in family court. There are resources for self-represented litigants, including links to legislation and court forms, plus a list of terms to include for court orders.

Clicklaw > Family Law

Clicklaw provides a searchable directory of legal information published by more than 50 BC organizations. The family law section includes almost 300 resources and the HelpMap provides contact information for family law service providers.

Families Change

The website provides age appropriate information about separation and divorce for parents, teens and kids. It is also the home of the Online Parenting After Separation course and the Online Parenting After Separation Finances course.

Family Justice BC

The Family Justice BC website provides general information about family law in British Columbia, as well as links to a range of services to support families in BC.

JP Boyd On Family Law

This online resource provides practical, in-depth information on family law and divorce law in British Columbia. Written and reviewed by a series of lawyers, it provides a broad range of detailed information on the legal process of separation and divorce in BC.


This video-based website provides step-by-step assistance for individuals in BC going through separation or divorce. The first section focuses on working it out, and the second section focuses on going to court..


This website provides a guided pathway for separation and divorce. It enables users to learn more about the separation process and answer questions in order to produce a parenting plan. Through this website, users can access free mediation services.

My Support Calculator

This online resource calculates child support and spousal support based the Federal guidelines. In general, the amounts calculated are similar to how the courts would assign support, but they may vary depending on your situation.

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